So, last night was Super Bowl 50.  Broncos Vs Panthers.  At the end of the game, there were lots of happy winning Bronco fans and lots of unhappy losing Panther fans.  Now, all the Monday Morning Quarterbacking starts.  This post isn’t a football analysis, but last night’s Panthers loss is a fantastic analogy that illustrates just why having a good team matters.   

To start, it doesn’t matter how good the star player is.  Cam Newton, the Panthers Quarterback, was named the NFL League MVP for this season.  The entire organization looked at every single player on every single NFL team this season and said, this guy is the best.  Yet, despite having the league’s Most Valuable Player on the field calling the shots, the best of the best, playing with one of the best teams in the league, in the biggest game of the year, the Panthers lost.

Why?  Because the team as a whole failed to function.  7 times the Broncos players “sacked” Cam Newton.  The Panthers who were supposed to prevent that, to defend their star, didn’t do their jobs.  No matter how good those guys were, or how much they tried, 7 times they failed.  They were out maneuvered by someone more agile or out run by someone faster, so Cam went down.  Then there times someone on the team simply dropped the ball, failed to complete passes, had the pass intercepted or the time the kicker missed a field goal.  You had dozens of guys doing dozens of different things that were all supposed to function together to achieve one goal, to win!  And they lost.

Being a Realtor is the same.  You’re the MVP, the star quarterback.  You need a “team” to successfully achieve your goals.  The “team” you need is simple to define.

You need an organization that cares about you, that devotes, time, energy, resources and effort on a daily basis to your success.  An organization like you find here at Weichert, Realtors – Welcome Home, where we provide industry leading tools, training and support to our Realtors.  Where you are treated as an individual person and get individual one on one support from our Managers (your coaches).  While you’re in the field making the plays happen, they’re able to see the big picture, to help coach you to the next level, providing strategies to overcome the obstacles in your way.

You need your offensive and defensive lines.  Trusted, knowledgeable and dependable mortgage and title professionals to ensure your clients get the best mortgage terms and the safest purchases possible.  Support staff handling details, all the small jobs that need done, so you can focus on doing the type of work the successful Realtor needs to focus on, making the deals happen, while someone else takes care of things like data entry and paperwork filing.

The list could go on and on.  In the end, no matter how talented you are, no matter how skilled and professional, without the right team backing you up, someone else on the field will intercept your pass or sack you.  To find out more about how we can help you become a happy and successful Realtor, call us at 717-291-1041.